The Healing Power of Plants

Why Mindful? Acknowledging mindfulness as a part of herbal practice means acknowledging the power that we bring to our herbal medicine, whether that be in harvest, administration or taking of plant matter into our bodies. It means acknowledging the impact that harvesting has on the ecosystem,  that our words have on each other, and that our energy has on those around us. It means showing up, fully, for the plants, for each other and for the planet.


The Herbalist Behind Mindful Medicinals:

Blaire Edwards is a Western Herbalist, Product Developer, Educator and Botanical Consultant living in Venice, California.

Her herbal experience has led her from teaching classes in mental health clinics, to developing unique adaptogenic protein drinks, to formulating for supplement companies - and her community . Her passion remains making herbal knowledge available and accessible to all populations.

She is available for speaking engagements as well as professional and personal consultations - she can be contacted here.