What is mindful medicinals?

Mindful Medicinals is a consulting & product development business based in Venice Beach, CA. It is founded by Blaire Edwards, an experienced Herbalist & Product Developer with a demonstrated history of consulting for the natural food, beverage and supplement industry. Her passion is creating efficacious products that highlight the intersection of plants and the human experience. Blaire also teaches classes and works with clients in a clinical setting.


Why Mindful Medicinals? Acknowledging mindfulness as a part of our herbalism allows us to stay grounded in the reality of inter-connectedness. That we heal not just from ingesting an herb, but by spending time with them, and their many relatives. That we remain humble that the plants would give us such a profound chance at healing and changing. It means examining our lifestyle when we examine why we need an herb for joint-inflammation or mood enhancement.

Mindful Medicinals means looking at our physical health as just one of many interconnected strands in the web of our lives.