The Healing Power of Plants

Why Mindful Medicinals?

Acknowledging mindfulness as a part of our herbalism allows us to stay grounded in the reality of inter-connectedness. That we heal not just from ingesting the herb, but by spending time with it and its many relatives outside, where the plants are. That we remain humble that the plants would give us such profound possibilities for change, whether those changes come from alkaloids or from aromatics. It means examining our lifestyle when we examine why we need an herb for joint-inflammation or mood enhancement, as well as our food choices, relationships, sleep habits and so forth.

It means looking at our physical health as one of many interconnected strands in the web of our lives.



The Herbalist Behind Mindful Medicinals:

Blaire Edwards is a Western Herbalist and Educator, Product Developer and Formulator in Venice Beach, California. She has formulated herbal products for both individual clients as well large-scale food, beverage and supplement industry companies.

Her passion is the intersection of plants and human experience.

Blaire is currently taking clients both as a clinical herbalist, as well as a product developer. She can be contacted here.