#FlowerEssenceFriday - St. John's Wort

It's only been 1 week since the initial #FlowerEssenceFriday post, and yet so much has happened to then. I've been to the Bahamas and back via boat, eaten lunch with manatees, and canoed my way out of possibly the most intense thunderstorm of my life. Oh - and I'm moving to New Jersey in 10 short days. Needless to say, my head is a bit up in the air and I'm a little ungrounded!

That's where today's flower essence comes in: St. John's Wort. Most people have heard of this glowing, sunshine-yellow flower and its clinical trials and uses for depression - but I'm here today to talk about a lesser known use of the herb: its flower essence!

Like I mentioned in the first #FlowerEssenceFriday post, I'm going to be talking about my personal experience with these essences. Flower energies are so subtle - there is no one correct way to interpret them. If you have different experiences, know that your interpretations are perfectly valid - and that I would love to hear them! 

Now... On to St. John's Wort!

SJW circle small.jpg

Here are two of my favorite uses of St. John's Wort essence:

  • Feeling Out of Body - St. John's Wort is the first essence I call upon when I feel like I am not entirely in my body. It's quick acting for those mornings you wake up half in the dream world and half in the waking world. Because the essence has such a gentle way of coxing a disturbed and afraid psyche back into the body, I find this essence useful for times you don't feel safe being in your body and for anxiety/depression induced "out of body-ness."  I also imagine it would be useful for people who have taken too many hallucinogens and who are having a hard time coming back into their body.
  • Unworthiness - I also use St. John's Wort essence for feelings of unworthiness. This bright, summer, solar essence helps us remember that we have innate worth as human beings, that we have worth regardless of our failures and accomplishments, and that we have a right to exist, even when we are struggling. I include this essence in my Confidence blend to help people struggling with self-esteem remember that they are divine beings, and that there is a light inside of them they can call upon to fight their battles.

Let's break it down a little bit more:

  • Name: St. John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum)
  • Actions: Solar/sunny, grounding
  • Indications: Feeling out of body, especially after vivid/lucid dreaming, sensitivity to light/visuals, nightmares that induce fear/anxiety throughout the day, feelings of worthlessness
  • Dosage: 3 drops, 3x a day (for chronic states), or 3 drops an hour in acute situations

Although it is only the second week, deciding to sit down every Friday and write about an essence is already helping me deepen my understanding of this energetic medicine. I am enjoying reflecting on all the essences I have made in the past 14 or so months, and I am happy to have the opportunity to share this practice with you all!

In love and sunshine,